Working at Awai

Our team believes that we can best fulfill our objectives by hiring the best staff that we can, and by providing a healthy environment for them to thrive.

We run our business differently from most in the industry. There are no bosses, no general manager or executive chefs. Instead, everyone holds each other accountable. We work as a team, and make decisions with collective input. Since we do not have tips (we charge a service fee in lieu), we pay equitable hourly wages.

Your attitude is more important than number of years of experience or education. We will invest time to train the right people, we’re always looking for the next great addition to the team!

Do you have a passion for creating plant-based dishes and preparing food for guests? Some experience as a line cook or similar work is important to have.

Although food is important, great service can really enhance a meal and create a full experience. If you are keen on helping guests to enjoy their plant-based dining experience, then please inquire about a full or part-time serving position. At least a year of experience with table service is required.

If this page sounds appealing to you, then send your resume to, and include a description of why you believe you would be a good fit here.