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25 Best Restaurants in Toronto

“With such an inviting atmosphere, great culture of service, and inventive menu, Avelo is a plant-based restaurant that even carnivores can get behind. Located in a classic Toronto Victorian townhome, this fine yet unpretentious plant-based restaurant embodies everything that’s great about Church-Wellesley Village: it’s fun, it’s of-the-moment, and it proves that new ways of eating can be just as satisfying as the old ways.”

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“There’s usually at least one life-altering plate, like a variation on lobster risotto, made with wheat berries instead of rice and, instead of seafood, a slice of grilled lobster mushroom under a blanket of lobster mushroom foam. It was luscious and earthy and incredibly tasty, and could very well convert the most devout carnivore to the cause.”


Two-storey vegan fine-dining restaurant opens in Toronto

“Avelo’s tasting menu features adventurous dishes such as lobster mushrooms in a wheat berry risotto with a carrot-lemon foam, and black garlic ice cream drizzled with a chocolate-tamari ganache.”

Osteria Du

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“Osteria Du posesses a team of cooks that collaborate together. The fact that some are hard-core vegans while others are die-hard carnivores means that flavours and textures are subject to rigorous, yet constructive debate. The result is food that’s good not just because it’s vegan, but because it’s good.”

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There’s a new plant-based Italian restaurant opening in Toronto

“A new Italian restaurant is opening on Toronto’s Queen Street this weekend and they’ll be serving classic dishes with a plant-based menu.”

Pizzeria Du

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