Now Magazine – May 11, 2017

Toronto’s best new restaurants

“Isberg keeps the dining experience light at his serene, candlelit kitchen, presenting a seasonal menu that bursts with surprising flavour and richness.”


Toronto Life – March 16, 2017

Best new restaurants 2017

“…even the most hard-core meathead will succumb to Isberg’s ravioli stuffed with braised artichokes; his flatbreads blackened from a wood-fired oven and loaded with cherry tomatoes, their fruitiness intensified by a complex herb mixture that includes floral, Quebec-sourced sweetfern, alder tip and juniper; his crisp-fried baby eggplant with creamy insides brought into relief by a zesty chermoula; and his black arborio and wild rice paella, with a funky trio of oyster mushrooms, black truffles and huitlacoche, plus a scattering of puffed rice for extra texture. ”


Now Magazine – February 15, 2017

Awai marks a new vegan beginning for chef Nathan Isberg

“At The Atlantic, he banned prices, menus, alcohol, servers and tipping. Next on the chopping block: animal products”


Toronto Star – Feb 8, 2017

Vegan restaurant Awai dazzles with tasty dishes

“Iconoclastic chef Nathan Isberg brings new plant-based cuisine, the city’s best, to Bloor West Village.

The new vegan restaurant in Bloor West Village is the real deal, run by a philosophical chef who uses heady spices and umami-rich mushrooms to showcase the deliciousness of plants.”


BlogTO – Feb 8, 2017

The 10 hottest restaurants in toronto right now

“This unconventional plant-based restaurant in Bloor West Village is just as off-beat with their restaurant conventions as they are their menu, operating on a no-gratuity basis. This is hardly unusual from chef Nathan Isberg, formerly of the no-menu, pay-what-you-want Atlantic.”


Toronto Life – Jan 19, 2017

What’s on the menu at Awai, Nathan Isberg’s new plant-based restaurant

“The convention-defying chef is back after a year’s hiatus from Toronto’s restaurant scene, with a menu consisting of plant-based snacks, soups and wood-fired dishes.”