Goodbye to Awai, and hello to a new beginning!

Our restaurant was originally designed as a nine month pop-up in a space slated for demolition. We saw an opportunity to experiment, and to show that plant-based cuisine can compete with any other. It’s now been two and a half years, and we feel good about our impact on the Toronto food scene. As we prepare to close Awai on June 23…

About Awai, a Plant-based Collective

We are a group of dedicated individuals, working together to provide our guests with an exceptional experience in plant-based dining.

Our team members have worked in a wide range of restaurants the world over. We work collaboratively, drawing on this broad knowledge and experience to create our eclectic style of service. Our dishes reflect the heritage and culture of our pasts through seasonal Canadian produce. We believe that the combined talents of a skilled group can produce far more creativity than any individual could.