Our Menu

Prices include servers’ wages- gratuities are not required.



spiced olives and almonds   5

black kale crisps   5

raw crisps, cooked dips   4


porcini   12
porcini mushroom – cauliflower – mountain pepper jerk

white beans and black truffles   15
flageolet bean – black kale – black truffle – black garlic


seedlings and flowers    13
argan oil – cider vinegar – za’atar

roasted beets   14
bitter greens – cabbage – walnuts – mint chutney

cocas: wood-fired spanish flatbreads (or sub rosti potato)

paprika potato   16
leeks – sheppard peppers – romesco – capers

shishito pepper   15
allioli – moroccan olives

seche grape   13
white radicchio – escabeche

fire braised cherry tomato   16
temiskaming forest spices

wild mushroom   25
cippolini – black truffle


artichoke barigoule ravioli   19
snow pea tips – mustard

potato gnocchi   18
baby kale– baharat spices

paella   26
oyster mushrooms – huitlacoche – black truffles

israeli cous cous   17
saffron – crispy eggplant – chermoula

farinatta   3
chickpea pancake – daily curry


peres de lleida   12
wine poached pears – bergamot – michel cluizel 72% chocolate chantilly

steamed carrot cake   9
white chocolate

salsify brulée   10

confit apple flan tatin   13
bitter almond kernel polenta – rosemary cream



rotating roster of the good stuff – between 50-90


ciu ciu, falerio, oris 2015   13/62
Velveteen rabbits in fields of white irises – complex without being a boor, soft without being boring.

zinck gewurztraminer ‘portrait’ 2013   13/60
Sometimes people mistake soft and lovely with not being serious. Not so in the old world. A dandy eating lychees at the end of a sharp knife and drinking farmhouse cider in the sun. Assertively delicious.

mittnacht klack alsatian reisling, 2015   13/60
As with many from the olde world, the perfume was apparent from afar, but less evident once the acerbic wit and generous, lush conversational took over-old world funky petrol.

grange of prince edward, barrel fermented, 2008   80
I was surprised when you called me a lady…I remember the 90s with its puffy sleeves. But sometimes an oaky chardonnay is as amazing as someone in puffy sleeves with a phd.


fitapreta: aletejano, 2014. portugal   12/59
Coffee and a small cigar in a padded banquet somewhere in Lisbon.

mas de soleilla: petit mars, 2014. languedoc, france   13/62
A French man that makes friends easily, and is never a bore. Gives out toffee and minty pastilles to the children, drinks cassis with the elderly.

giacomo fenocchio, barbera d’alba, 2014   14/65
Brisk and bright, cherries, tea, dark chocolate and berries.

tenuta argenttierra, poggio ai ginepri bolgheri   15/70
As a child, she dressed in a red velvet house coat, had a taste for olives, oranges, and chocolate.


kombucha: bergamot scented ceylon tea   7

whipped matcha tea   12

tisanes: fennel, chrysanthemum   4

french press coffee   5

spiced michel cluizel hot chocolate   8